Eminem’s Lose Yourself – Gospel Styles.

Rapper Eminem had a huge hit on his hands when he wrote the track Lose Yourself. It was used in the 8 Mile soundtrack and even won Slim Shady an Academy Award. The 2003 track has re-entered the charts. Nope, not the original Eminem version – a GOSPEL COVER VERSION! At least it wasn’t done by Glee. The track was done by the Selected of God choir, and it makes its Billboard chart debut this week, as it enters at No. 14 on Gospel Digital Songs (via Billboard). I can think of more than a few Eminem songs that a choir named ‘Selected of God’ should NOT be covering (‘Kim’ anyone?).

Check it out before, if you’re down with Gospel and/or Eminem cover songs.

[youtube sg4lSGGOfzE]

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