Morning Music Notes – XBox to Join the Music Party

NME reports that Microsoft’s XBox is going to launch a music service this year. XBox Music (no fancy name needed) was announced yesterday by CEO Steve Ballmer at a Microsoft event in the USA.

“Ballmer said that it would launch with over 11 million songs, and utilise the motion-sense controller Kinect, allowing users to use voice commands to search for individual songs.”

XBox Music will launch in the fall, but the price structure and date have note yet been announced. How convenient, Mr. Ballmer – if that even is your real name!

Foo Fighters to Be Renamed Foo Dancers?

GigWise reports that Dave Grohl had a fan tossed out of the Foo Fighters gig last night in London, England. Dave Grohl commented that fans should be there to dance at their shows, not to fight. Dave then challenged the fan to a dance off, in which audience cheering would determine the winner. Okay, that last part might be made up.

Jack White + Black Milk = Jack Black & White Milk?

Jack White (of White Stripes fame) runs Third Man Records. They have signed their first hip hop artist, who goes by the name Black Milk. Chocolate Milk is a little more catchy – AND tasty. Black Milk has a new single out today. Jack White co-produced the single with Black Milk and also does guitar duty on the A-side Brain. Jack drums on the B-side Royal Mega. SoundCloud won’t let PHM embed the code since we’re in Canada, so perhaps try clicking this link to listen to the track.

News that Shouldn’t Be News

Quick round up of news, so you can seem cool at the water cooler:

Kelly Clarkson has 50 new songs leaked onto the internet, BBC reports. Sadly, not one of them has been downloaded.

Morrissey gets bitten by a dog, says StereoGum. No word on whether the dog or Moz went for rabies shots afterwards.

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  1. 2011/07/13

    […] As mentioned during yesterday’s Morning Music Notes on this very PHM site, Dave Grohl was not …. Some fan was fighting at the Foo Fighters’ gig in London on Monday night, and Dave Grohl witnessed it, and didn’t like it. He sure has mellowed in his old age – he used to be punk! Kidding Grohly – love ya! Anyway, footage is below. […]