Morning Music Notes – A Slap on the Wrist for Illegal Downloading

Internet Service Providers (ISPs for you acronym lovers) in the US have agreed to warn downloaders (like you and I) about copyright infringement. What is that term I’ve been reading so much about? Digital Music News notes that warnings will be offered by ISPs to subscribers who infringe on copyright laws. However, they will not have their account terminated, nor will they be reported. Illegal downloaders will get upwards of 6 slaps of the wrist. No punishment is mentioned after this, nor is one thought to exist. Basically, a permanent Stay Out of Jail Free card. I guess money talks and ISPs can’t lose precious customers.

Google+ to Steal Music Fans from Facebook?

So there’s a new kid in town, and their name is Google+. I have not personally used Google+ yet (no invitations, so sad), but it is a new social networking platform to rival Facebook. But will it be the next Facebook or the next Where Are You Now / Friendster (no offense to those out there who are still awaiting my friendship acceptance on any of those sites). I do like the looks of a lot of the features, but I feel too many people might be engrained in their Facebook ways and not want to switch to yet another networking site. However, Google often does no wrong, so it is definitely worth a look. Where was I going with all of this?

Oh yes, music. Gizmodo lists five reasons how it thinks Google+ can overcome Facebook’s underwhelming music apps. The list, sans explanation, consists of easy sharing, group listening parties, live musicians plus live music, google music integration, and android apps.

New Beady Eye B-Side Audio Surfaces

Like the kraken in the ocean, the new Beady Eye b-side has surfaced. Both are both equally destructive? NME reports that the song In the Bubble with a Bullet in a b-side to the Beat Goes On, which is to be released July 18. However, you can listen to the (somewhat poor audio quality) song below.

UPDATE: Apparently EMI doesn’t like promoting their music and has taken down the video. In case it resurfaces (like the kraken!), I will leave the link up.

[youtube NklShvuUkF8]

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2 Responses

  1. chai says:

    Beady Eye – In The Bubble is no longer available due to a copyright claim by EMI Music. :(

  2. krou says:

    just checked out google plus and it looks pretty darn cool. I actually think they may compete with facebook. It’s all about marketing and branding and like you said google often does no wrong….