Virtual Music Stores the Way of the Future?

Okay, so this technically isn’t music related, but it’s so cool, I am adapting it to a music post. Tesco is a giant European grocery store chain. What Tesco have done in South Korea is place a virtual supermarket on the subway station walls, reports Gizmodo. From there, you can use the QR codes of the items (sort of like a fancier bar code that your phone can read) to scan them. When you get home, your groceries will be there. No lugging around a granny cart of groceries, or having people with 12 items in the Express 10 Items of Less lineup. Check out the photos and the videos below.

Tesco Subway Store in Korea

How can this translate into music? Virtual music shops! Depending on the price of technology/advertising these virtual stores, you would save on rent, employees, and insurance (fires, anyone?). You could even embed audio samples and listening stations, all virtual of course, through your phone. Think iCloud, but for those who long for the days of physical albums, but don’t want to wander into large stores. You could also do this with DVDs, so as not to limit your audience. Or perhaps because it’s easier to buy music online than groceries (don’t tell, there would be a small market for it. Regardless, very cool stuff.

tesco subway virtual store

[youtube fGaVFRzTTP4]

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4 Responses

  1. Grant says:

    Great idea, but how clean do you really think people in Toronto and NYC will be able to keep this ‘machine’?

    I’m imagining that nice selection of produce won’t look so nice with a gob of spit slowly making it’s way down the wall is covering it.

    Concepts that work in Europe and Asia don’t always thrive here as North Americans don’t seem to have as much respect for their surroundings.

  2. Pete! says:

    All very good points. Maybe it could be positioned in a place of security or high visibility, thereby limiting destruction. Or one staff member could be there, which I suppose eliminates the 100% virtualness of it. The staff member could also be equipped with tasers, making it a job that I wouldn’t mind having.

  3. chai says:

    express lane rule breaking is the worst!

  4. Grant says:

    Tasers are cool.