Morning Music Notes – Gorillaz Covered by World Renowned Artist

It seems like the music world was a little slower yesterday and overnight. I attribute it to all of the fireworks that America was launching to celebrate their independence. Nothing says independence like fireworks!

Filefly – Helping Slow Down the Internet Since 2011

There is a new Facebook plug-in in town, and it is called Filefly. Music Week points out that the Filefly plug-in lets you share files, even – GASP – music. Each user has 2GB of storage, which given the number of Facebook users, should cripple the internet entirely. Since Facebook is the model for security and privacy (NOT! it’s still cool to say Not for jokes, right?), one should probably watch what they upload.

Hackers Who Hit Amy Winehouse to Target Justin Bieber Next

Last week, it was reported (by this very site) that Amy Winehouse had her website hacked. The Guardian has discovered that these very hackers plan to go after Justin Bieber next. You know what? These hackers are a-ok in my books. I’m not writing that so they don’t hack my website. Nope, not at all.

I Hope to Ruin the Start of Your Day

Courtesy of Stereogum, comes a video of Miley Cyrus covering the Gorillaz’s Melancholy Hill
. Why? WHY! If the intro has not scared you, you can check out the video below.

[youtube GQFQ7JNzHHQ]

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2 Responses

  1. chai says:

    you love miley. admit it!

  2. Pete! says:

    after that cover, how could i not…………………