Morning Music Notes – You Dirty-Eared Music Hater!

Paul McCartney + Gorillaz = McGorillaz? I don’t like the sounds of that math, but I do like the news that Macca could be working with the Gorillaz’s next album.

The Kaiser Chiefs, who are letting fans make their own 10 song playlist for their new album (out of the 20 songs they released), have announced the “official” tracklisting of their new album. Unlike when fans made the playlists and made money whenever someone bought that playlist from them, this time 100% of the profits are for the Kaiser Chiefs. The Kaiser Chiefs’ Business Manager endorses this 100% profit idea.

Two men have been arrested for a murder plot on Joss Stone. Oddly enough, the photograph in the article I am linking you to showing Princes William and Harry with Joss Stone – they are NOT the murder suspects. When police were asked how they knew it was a murder plot, they noted the men were found Joss Stone’s home with swords, ropes, and a body bag. The body bag was labelled Joss Stone I’m guessing.

Do you have dirty ears? Buy Q-Tips. But wait, your headphones double as Q-Tips, which is a GREAT cost-saving technique I have used. But what if I want to clean these dirty headphones? Well, now I can, with a washer-friendly headphone set!

Spider-Man: Disaster in the Making Turn Off the Dark

With Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark set to finally open Tuesday, U2’s Bono and the Edge are opening up about the troubled production. Bono and the Edge talked to the Hollywood Reporter about their help on the Spider-Man musical.

“The hours and weeks and months,” Bono said. “If we thought it would take this long, there is not a chance on earth we’d have done it.”

“Looking back, we, through inexperience, had no sense of the implications of that decision,” Bono said. “That the first time anyone saw a full run-through of the story, songs, staging, and show was the first night of previews. Can you imagine that? No one had seen the whole thing before everyone saw it.”

Other Musical Shorts

What do you get when you cross weird with weirder? We’re about to find out, with the announcement that the Scissor Sisters are scoring the new Fragile Rock movie.

Just when you thought Glee couldn’t get any worse, there are rumours that New Kids on the Block, or even Backstreet Boys, might be doing a guest appearance on the show. When asked what role he would want on the show, Backstreet Boys’ Brian Littrell said he would play anybody. His desperation comes as a surprise – TO NO ONE (ha!) – as they are currently touring with NKOTB (?!), and playing in a Boys band about 20 years after it was somewhat cool to do so.

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