Morning Music Notes – Dinosaurs!

Kasabian have named their fourth album Velociraptor! I have a great idea for a music video for them, too. They should make a theme park full of dinosaurs and film everyone going to this old, jurassic park, and let the cameras roll, trouble-free. The album will feature the following songs, sadly all not named after dinosaurs:

  • Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To
  • Days Are Forgotten
  • Goodbye Kiss
  • La Fee Verte
  • Velociraptor!
  • Acid Turkish Bath (Shelter from the Storm)
  • I Hear Voices
  • Re-Wired
  • Man of Simple Pleasures
  • Switchblade Smiles
  • Neon Noon

Steven Tyler (of American Idol fame) and his band Aerosmith are going into the studios next month to start recording a new album, according to a tweet from guitarist Joe Perry. This will be the band’s 15th album, and first since last year’s rumoured quitting of the band for Steven Tyler. We’ll see if Steven Tyler can capitalize on his American Idol viewership to get the viewers who were barely alive during the majority of their discography releases to actually purchase their album.

Limp Bizkit, better known for popularizing and then unpopularizing the backwards wearing of baseball hats, have posted the audio for an album version of Gold Cobra online (courtesy of indylimpfan). No word yet on whether the album will explore new musical territory, or whether it will continue their trend of releasing terrible music.

Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney has drawn the ire – yes, drawn the ire – of Lady Gaga’s fans, who are apparently called Monsters (or Little Monsters). That’s a weird way of talking to your fanbase, but she’s the hottest thing in pop music, so who am I to argue. Anyway, back to Patrick Carney. He made a few awesome tweets, making the comparison everyone sees and makes – that Lady Gaga is this century’s version of Madonna. Well, Gaga’s Little Monsters (hey, the name is growing on me!) responded by attacked Carney on Twitter (the best way to attack someone to limit your police record). No word on whether Meg White Patrick Carney is a Little Monster in disguise himself.

How Not to Run a Business

Courtesy of Hypeboy are some alarming statistics from MySpace (“What’s that?”, say the kids of today’s youth). Some bizarre stats that will make you jump in front of a train if you haven’t unloaded your Nortel-esque stocks include:

  • News Corp paid $580 million for MySpace in 2005
  • Offers to buy are under $100 million
  • MySpace still pays $60,000 a month for parking
  • MySpace still pays $800,000 a month in legal fees
  • The site had 7.1 million unique U.S. visitors in April
  • That’s down 46% from the same period last year
  • Traffic is down from 70.9 million in April 2009, according to comScore.
  • The News Corp digital division that includes Myspace reported an operating loss of $165 million in the last quarter.

If this doesn’t make you feel better about your poor or lack of investment portfolio, nothing will.

More News

James Franco is releasing his debut album. No word on whether it will follow the trend of “quality releases” by actors including Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Keanu Reeves, or will be a great album, such as incredible releases by actors such as……..I think you see the trend.

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