Morning Music Notes

The Future is Now, er, Medieval, as the Kaiser Chiefs ‘pull a Radiohead’ and release their album, The Future is Medieval, ahead of schedule. In a really unique release style, fans will get to pick 10 of 20 available songs, design a cover, and then get their own website to sell the songs. Do your own dirty work, Kaiser Chiefs. Even stranger (read: more awesome) is fans will earn money if other fans buy the playlist you have selected. Here’s to hoping I am the first fan to purchase the first 10 songs listed alphabetically, and that other fans are equally as lazy, making me rich.

Coldplay releases their new single, Ever Teardrop is a Waterfall, in a matter of minutes (12pm BST, 7am EST). If the website crashes, I suspect waterfalls abound from many Coldplay fans.

The new Arctic Monkeys CD, Suck It and See, is being censored in North America. The new album is also currently streaming, so do your ears a favour and give it a listen.

Under the category of yesterday’s news, especially if you’re a Canadian hockey fan (I could’ve just written Canadian), is that Edmonton Oilers forward Gilbert Brule stopped to pick up a hitchhiker because he thought it looked like Bono. Turns out it WAS Bono. Hitchhikers everywhere are now buying leather jackets, over-sized shades, and making derivative albums that do not explore new musical ground, in an attempt to get picked up in future hitchhiking endeavours.

Rihanna’s new music video, in which she guns down a man after he apparently sexually assaults her, eerily mimics the exact same thing that happened to her 2 years ago is being urged to be banned. Fans of female violence are also outraged.

Fans of City and Colour can see them (him?) play live at Sugar Beach in Toronto, as part of the Edge Sugar Beach Series (turn your volume down before clicking this ridiculously loud link – what the H?). The show is F-R-E-E, and is this upcoming Monday at 8:15pm. No word if swimwear is required at Sugar Beach, but I will proactively encourage all women to wear their bikinis, to avoid any awkwardness with regards to any dress code.

Lil Wayne has delayed his album, IV, until the fall. Lil Wayne elected to tell this to MTV, and not to me, which I do not take personally, and will report this as news just the same.

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